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High Pressure Isolation Valve Repair 
Precision Valve Group, Inc. Services
Safety Relief Valve Repair & Testing (VR) Shop & Field
Control Valve Diagnostics & Repair 
On-site repairs of boiler non-return, main steam isolation, feed water heater 3-way  and turbine bypass valves. PVG provides a turn-key service from disassemble through reassembly including NDT inspections of internals and body, cleaning & lapping, welding and machining as well as parts reverse engineering and fabrication during short outage or turn around schedules.

At Precision Valve Group, Inc., we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available to support your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.

We provide a variety of both shop and field services including:
PVG maintains a National Board VR Certificate for both shop and field repair and testing of air, liquid and steam. Repairs can be made at either the PVG shop or at your facility out of one of the PVG Mobile Repair Centers (MRC) including LIVE steam testing utilizing our mobile steam boiler. These MRC's expand our capabilities at your facility allowing us to perform all of the repair and testing expeditiously while on-site. PVG also offers on-line electronic lift testing.  
PVG technicians have been trained on the most commonly utilized control valve types and manufacturers such as CCI, Fisher, Copes Vulcan, Masoneilan and Valtek. Our technicians perform the repairs turn-key and utilize modern diagnostics to ensure proper set up and operation. In addition, PVG performs body repairs including welding, machining and restoration of seat ring threads and  repair or duplication of trim sets with short lead times.
Custom Field & Shop Machining
We offer both shop fabrication as well as field machining. PVG field machinists perform work on all types of equipment such as: Clamshell Machining -simultaneously cut and bevel heavy wall pipe including valve replacements. Flange Facing - reface flanges of all sizes. Boring Bar - valve seat replacements, pressure seal inlay repair, valve guide repair/replace and bearing journals. Magnetic Mills - core bore drilling of heavy wall pipe, drilling out studs and re-establish threads. Milling Machine - machine keyways, manufacture spacers/shims.  ​
Motor Operated Valve Repair & Diagnostics
PVG provides repair and testing for most all manufacturer's of motor actuators. With PVG's machining and fabrication capabilities we can provide new machined parts such as stem nuts or bushings. PVG can also modify your manual valves to accept motor and all types of actuation.